Tigers Equipment has a team of qualified truck drivers and diggers who can provide you with a variety of earthworks services when you need them. Our earthworks services are available in residential as well as commercial areas at an affordable cost. Whether you need earthworks services for building a house or for landscaping projects, you can count on us. Earthworks are a key aspect of the building process, and the success of any project relies on selecting a reliable contractor to do the work correctly. We are the most trusted and qualified earthworks contractor in New Zealand, and our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle any earthworks project, big or small. We specialize in bulk earthworks, and our heavy machinery is specially designed to handle tasks efficiently and safely.



We have qualified workers to safely run the process of demolishing buildings, structures, and homes from their sites. Our demolition contractors are experts in the field. We have all the right equipment to get your residential and commercial buildings demolished in the safest way possible. Our workers understand the process and can ensure the environment’s safety during the whole process.


Excavation / Site Cut

We offer a wide variety of site excavation services, such as cut and fill, grading, material import and export, and cleaning. The process of digging up or removing undesired trash and clearing land is known as excavation. Whether you’re constructing a new home, shed, swimming pool, warehouse, or other commercial structure, our earthworks excavating services will clear and level the site for efficient construction.


House Piling

Do you need to secure the foundations of the house? Then count on us. Our piling services will help to strengthen the foundations of your house built on weak soil or other material, such as sand or silt. It is typically used where the available soils are unable to support the necessary building load. Piling is accomplished by drilling a hole down to a hard surface level. The drilled flight holds the bore’s sidewalls while the concrete or grout is poured in and is easily removed after the pile is firm.



It is necessary to create sturdy foundations for structures that are built in poor soil conditions. This can be achieved through footings. In the area of footings, we are a well-known and trustworthy organization. We strive to ensure satisfactory footing placement to offer strong support to the foundation and building structure. Our footing service will give the building stability and keep it from collapsing when heavy loads are put on it.


Metal Supply

Tigers Equipment can offer a broad choice of metals for any of your requirements. Using our fleet of trucks and trailers, we can transport and deliver metals to your site on schedule, allowing work to continue flawlessly. We have long been at the forefront of New Zealand’s metals supply business. We provide diverse types of materials in a variety of sizes, shapes, forms, and quantities. Our stock includes aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and specialty metals.

Truck & Digger Hire

We deal with the Technical challenges of the project.

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